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Armed Forces Club

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Armed Forces Club

               Armed Forces Club (AFC)

 Our goal is to promote leadership, teamwork, social skills, community                activities, physical training, and military knowledge to the students at                 Franklin County High School. Unlike an ROTC program (which we no                     longer have) we will not have uniforms nor certain hair cut colafactions.

            Teacher:   Chief Smith Room N209

Club Officers:   President- Jordan Ashley

                         Vice- President- Dillon Sweeton

                         Secretary -  Abby Toney

                         Treasurer- Holly Ordonez

  • We will teach the proper way to post the colors (put up the flag)                        and a little marching.

  • We will perform multiple leadership, logic, and teamwork exercises.

  • PT will be done once a week.

  • Our meeting days will be every Thursday in Room N209 (attendance                    at least one meeting per month is mandatory).

  • We will lead the way performing Community Service.

  • Guest military personnel will be attending at least once a month to                    talk about military life.

  • There are no fees to join; however, fundraisers will be done to help                    pay for any field trips, and/or any other expenses.

  • For more information contact Chief Smith, or any of the club officers.

For more information about past and future meetings and events like us                     on Facebook …..

Or go to our Agenda on Google Docs KoQ6kvc5CHyaTSOo3EXqKZQzQM/edit?usp=sharing