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Students Chemistry textbook is online. 

We use the Discovery Education TechBook.

Students may log in through Clever or Discovery Education to access the TechBook.


Welcome to Chemistry I!

Students always need to have paper, pencil, science notebook, and chromebook in my class!

Please email me with any concerns! I am here to help!

Lesson Plans  

Please visit the following link to see daily lesson plans!



The Chemistry I syllabus can be found under the file manager section! 


Students have a username and password to access the gradebook and see their grades for each class through Skyward.

 The following link is the login for Skyward.

For my gradebook, anything with a 0 is a missing grade and anything with an EXC is an excused assignment. If the grade has a * beside it, then it is an assignment that has been turned in but grades have not been entered for any student.


If a student has had excessive absences, they can speak to me about grade extensions.

Wish List  

I appreciate donations of tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and pencils!