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Plan Book

Criminal Justice Course Syllabus 2018-2019  

Franklin County High School


Criminal Justice / Protected Services

Class Syllabus

Course Description

   Criminal Justice is a one or two semester course in the public service technology area of education. In this program, students learn about law enforcement, the legal and judicial system, corrections, security, and the interwoven threads of numerous social and psychological factors in the field. This course meets the educational challenge of preparing to meet a changing and complex society. By developing individual skills and knowledge in a chosen Criminal Justice occupation, competency as an employable worker is achieved. The class will frequently be visited by expert speakers (including the Sheriff, Patrolman, Wildlife Officers, Dispatchers, State Parks Officers, and some private employees that will assist in the students knowledge of these persons daily duties and professional skills} engage in demonstrations, and often visits sites (such as police departments, courts, and correction facilities) involving the criminal justice field. Upon completion of this course, students are better prepared to seek employment or pursue a college program of study in any of the Criminal Justice fields.

      Course Content Standards/Objectives

The students will cover the following standards:


These standards are set by the state and instructed by attached guide. This guide is sent home with the student for legal guardian personal records.

9 Aspects of Business / Program of Study


Course Studies with content for future student growth. This study guidline will direct the student with basic knowledge and skills in the following areas of industry.  Describe how you incorporate all aspects of the industry in the indicated course/POS Industry Aspect Explanation What activity will be used to teach this aspect of industry?


1. Business Planning Strategic Planning, Goals, Objectives, Form of Business Ownership Briefly describe: 1) Why/where is Business Planning important when employed in an area that is related to your Program of Study (POS)?

2. Management Organizational Structure, Mission Statement, Employee Handbook, Corporate Culture Briefly describe: 1) Why it is important to understand organizational structure, mission statement, employee handbook, & corporate culture when employed in an area related to your Program of Study (POS)?

3. Health Safety and Environment Regulatory Issues Providing a Safe Workplace Briefly describe: 1) Why it is important to understand specific regulatory issues & a safe workplace are important when employed in an area related to your POS?

4. Finance Capital Acquisitions Financial Operations Briefly describe: 1) Any financial aspects one would need to know when employed in an area related to your POS?

5. Community Issues Impact of the company on the community; Impact of the community on the company Briefly describe: 1) How an industry or business in an area related to your POS may have an impact on the community and vice versa?

6. Principles of Technology Technology in the workplace; continued professional training Briefly describe: 1) What technical skills are important to have when employed in an area related to your POS, and 2) Why will continued professional training be a necessity?

7. Personal Work Habits Positive attitude, personal fitness, appearance and readiness to work Briefly describe: 1) Why the personal work habits of positive attitude, personal fitness, appearance, & readiness to work are requirements in order to be gainfully employed?

8. Labor Employee rights and responsibilities, role of labor organizations Briefly describe: 1) Employee rights and responsibilities and role of labor organizations in an area related to your POS?

9. Technical and Production Skills Specific technical skills (job/industry related), production skills (soft skills), and basic academic skills needed Briefly describe: 1) Which technical, production and academic skills are necessary if employed in an area related to your POS?

Instructional Materials and Resources

Text Book: Criminal Justice in Action / Criminal Justice Today

Videos: All videos are class sensitive to the state standards and pre-approved through administration.

Research Material: Technology through internet processing.

Reading, writing and math assignments

Each student will have assignments during the weekly class planing that will direct the student in in field of the above assignments. E.I. reading will be conducted through bell ringers at the beginning of the class. Writing will be conducted through completing vcabulary key terms related to the daily lessons. Math assignments is given on PLC Wednesdays for thirty mintues and along with assignment related to mathmatical problem solving during hands on projects.

Major Assessment/Calculation of Grades

Eighty-five (85) percent of the final grade will be based on the average of the tests given

Fifteen (15) percent of the final grade will be based on the grade of the comprehensive final exam.

A = 93 - 100

B = 86 - 92

C = 76 - 85

D = 70 - 75

F = 63 - 69

F = 0 - 62(no GPR credit)

Extra Credit Points


Students will be given an opportunity to earn extra credit by turning in current event articles related to Criminal Justice from print media. No more than nine total points can be earned per semester.


Any student with a grade average of 69 or below will receive notice of the failing grade and will be counseled.  After notification of failing grade, contact will be made with the legal guardian and a special-called meeting may be requested.


Missed Work/Make-up Policy

The Franklin County School Hand Book policy states, "All work missed must be made up within five days of the absence."


Attendance and Tardy Policies

The Franklin County High School attendance policy states, "To receive credit, students must attend at least 85 days of each 90-day semester course and at least 170 days of each 180 day year course, as well as meet all minimum requirements for each course." See Student Hand Book for Examples.

The  Franklin County High School tardy policy states "All students are expected to adhere to our class time schedule. Students are expected to be in class on time; therefore, students arriving after these times will be considered tardy. Consequences for unexcused tardiest to class are 1st and 2nd—warning by teacher, 3rd—Written warning by teacher, and 4th—Administrative referral  (driving privilege maybe revoked). School bus riders will be excused when the bus arrives late." See Student Handbook for example.

Positive Behavior Through Understanding

Rules for Student Behavior and Consequences for Violating Class Rules


Classroom Conduct

All students must assume that classroom conduct and manners are founded in courtesy and sharing. The freedom to question and discuss a given topic is limited to that which will not invade or disrupt the learning process of other students. When, in the judgment of the instructor responsible for the class, a student is engaged in activities that are disruptive or detrimental to the learning process for other students, or if in the judgment of the instructor a student is involved in activities that are damaging or disruptive to the orderly conduct of the class, a verbal warning will be given once. A parent will be notified when a student has received several verbal warnings or if the situation demands immediate attention. Continuation of the conduct or like activity that has been subject of a warning statement or a series of warnings referring to different incidents or actions over a period of time will result in the student being given a written warning and referred to the principal if incident occurs again. The principal is empowered to institute appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action. It is not the instructor’s wish to intimidate any student or suppress questions, discussion, or activities that foster good learning experience but to maintain the best possible atmosphere in which the student can succeed in a chosen course of study.


Cheating Policy

  Students are expected to uphold the school’s standard of conduct relating to academic honesty. Students assume full responsibility for the content and integrity of the academic work they submit. The guiding principle of academic integrity shall be that a student’s submitted work, examinations, reports, and projects must be that of the student’s own work. Students shall be guilty of violating the honor code if they:

Represent the work of others as their own.

Use or obtain unauthorized assistance in any academic work.

Give unauthorized assistance to other students.

Modify, without instructor's approval, an examination, paper, record, or report for obtaining additional credit.

Misrepresent the content of submitted work.

If for some reason any of the above honor code is violated, a student will receive a zero (0) for the work submitted.

Class Rules

Each day bring a pen/pencil, notebook & materials that are being used for the lesson.

Pay attention.

Other people’s belongings are to be left alone.

Be in your seat when the bell rings.

Putting heads down on desk or closing eyes is interpreted as sleeping in class.

Allow classmates to finish speaking before you speak

No food or drink other than a bottle of water is allowed in the classroom without teacher’s approval.

Dress Policy for Announced Speakers and Field Trips

Follow Franklin County High School dress code at all times.

Procedures for Non-Instructional Routines

Maps showing emergency exits for fire drills and other emergency drills are posted in classroom.


Classroom Topics

This class may discuss sexual crimes and videos may contain sensitive material in relation to criminal conduct and crime scenes.

Class Fees


Each student will be required to pay a class fee of the amount of $10.00 this fee will go toward the purchase of items utilized in the forensics hands on projects.

Communication with Parents

A syllabus will be sent home at the beginning of the year. The syllabus will contain information of class rules and regulations and responsibilities/assignments of the students. Students must have their parents sign a form indicating that they have

read the syllabus. Parents will be contacted if student’s fails to comply with following violations or grading scores are below passing level.


I, the parent of ____________________________ have read, understand and agree to support the syllabus for the Criminal Justice Course taught at the Franklin County High School.

___________________________ ______________

Signature of Parent Date



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