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Course Description  


   We will be attempting a new on-line type of

study until we return. Please contact me at so that I can send a

mass email with more detailed instructions.

     Thanks,  Mr. Payne 3-25-2020










                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Modern ERA since 1877


This course is designed to cover United States History topics from 1877 to the present day. Its purpose is to prepare students for the End of Course test. All subject matter will be taught in conjunction with state mandated guidelines.  Student grades will be distributed using the following scale.

1. Classwork/homework 25%    Dual Credit Classes    30%

2. Test 25%                                                            40%

3. Notebook 25%                                                     20%

4. Project 25%                                                         10% Mid-term and final exams ( dual credit only)

Discipline: All school rules apply. Students will adhere
to the code of conduct.

Failure Intervention:

1. All students have the
opportunity to make up any missing work before the end of the grading period.

2. Students will be allowed
to correct all failing test grades and bring their grade up to a 70 avg.

3. All IEP modifications will
be used for special education students.

4. Regular E.O.C. practice
testing for evaluation.