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Samantha Rose Staff Photo


Picture this: A safe-haven where stress, struggles, and every day baggage are checked at the door. A classroom that radiates warmth and acceptance, where every syllable of Shakespeare's iambic pentameter is not only understood but recited with passion, and where poetry evokes a sense of belonging as emotion and unity encompasses the room. An enviornment where words (written and spoken) are explored and studied for the power they carry in a myraid of works, and where students discover their responsibilty for using them correctly and wisely in discussion, public speaking, and writing. 

Picture a semester where students are challenged to think and to explain. To always question "why" and to never settle for any explanation (including theirs) that is lacking. Where students are required to be tolerant of opinions, requested to question their own, and mandated to think outside of the box. A semester where hard work is non negotable, where material is always connected to the "real world," where half the effort produces half the results, consequences for actions are taught, an appreciation for English and Literature is illuminated, a teacher passionate about her subject is observed, and where the last day of the semester generates the saddest goodbye.  


Welcome to English II